I’ve often pondered this question. Simply because of the fact that many people told me who he or she were. You never had the choice to discover if this “so called”fact was indeed a fact but according to my research (which by the way, I’m an hellva researcher), I found both the truth and the lie.

So….who’s the bad guy? Some say it’s this red man with horns, a tail and he’s waiting until you die to steal your soul. And of course, others believe that the bad guy was bad girl Eve, the “first” woman and wife to Adam, all because she bit from an apple that was forbidden by God. Now, we all know that good and evil both exists BUT  what if this perception of good and evil does not lie within outside forces? What if there is no GOD or DEVIL? But what if they do exist and MAN is, in actuality, this GOD and this DEVIL!?….and what if (being that this topic is an double-edge sword) there IS a source of this EVIL…this BAD GUY…..Don’t believe me, bear with me and continue to read on.

If one chooses to search for these answers honestly, then one would happen upon the Gnostic Texts. Before. I tell you who the bad guy really is, I must inform my readers that I am NOT apart of ANY religious organization BUT I did grow up being apart of one. After coming into the ancient wisdom, teachings and mysteries over the past three years ago, it has been my MISSION to expose the lies and tell the truth!

So! The Gnostic scriptures are pre-christian texts that were heavily into exposing the truth. It exposes the truth about man’s TRUE ORIGIN, the mysteries of life and death AND it exposes the bad guy. The bad guy in Gnostic texts was called the demiurge and he was and still IS the bad guy! The demiurge called Yaldolaboth is an evil deity who sits and rules over humanity. Let me make this CRYSTAL CLEAR: The demiurge is NOT nor has he EVER been LUCIFER, SATAN NOR THE INFAMOUS BAPHOMET! In fact, Lucifer, Satan AND Baphomet are the same entities who are FOREVER trying to inform humanity about this GREAT deceit! The demiurge does NOT LOVE humans and he DOES NOT care about your life EXCEPT if you BOW and PRAY to him!

By now, I know you’re wondering: “But that’s GOD up there! We’re suppose to do that!” But the truth is that GOD is ONLY the God of the living and NOT the dead so for a God who “claims” he “loves you” and not care about you when you’re dead!?!?….is NO God of mines..and he shouldn’t be tour either.


This Evil God’s deeds into the rape, murder, torture, injustice and lack of compassion is prevalent ALL throughout the one book the whole world takes without any debates: the bible. Truth of the matter is, however, this evil god acted upon such a diabolical plan and robbed a WHOLE ENTIRE RACE of their birthright! All of this information can be found in an excellent book called “The Gnostic Scriptures” by Bentley Layton. This book breaks down “the bad guy” in such detail that it will have digging up more information about the “devil”.


Like I did….and I have read, study, critiqued and came to a full understanding of the evil being everyone calls the devil. So, in my next post, I will be comparing the many similarities between Man and the Devil. In there, you will see that we’re one in the same AND everyone needs to hear his story….and HER story too!!! Until next time, Ase!!!!!😊



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Melanin and The Great Mother. Two topics that people rarely talk about. Or do they? What exactly are these two things and why is it, in my opinion, the very two things that humanity will bear witness to how important they both are to our very existence. First, I will discuss Melanin. Melanin, at first glance, will simply be described as the component that makes people of color skin pigmentation. While this is true, it is attributed to other functions such as: slowing the aging process, protects you from harmful sun rays and it absorbs heat. But are these functions the other only things contributed to Melanin? I’m afraid not. As I began to study ancient history and cultures, along side with mythologies and spiritual systems, I began to see that melanin is indeed the very essence of immortality. It IS the GOD PARTICLE that scientists desperately seek. It IS the extra terrestrials that this world is deeply engulfed into because of the wave of New Age information and our fascination with the paranormal. Also, it IS the cure to ALL dis-eases that plagues humanity. It IS the fountain of youth, the key to unlock the 3rd eye/Pineal Gland( more on this in my next blog post) and what your Soul is made of. But most importantly, it IS CHAOS. Forever moving and forever changing. There are over 300 words identical in meaning to the word Melanin (I will write a blog post in the future about these different words). Melanin predates creation, space and time and as stastics will show, there is one species alive on planet Earth that possess and produces high quantities of Melanin within their bodies that occurs every night , between the hours of 3-5 a.m. This species are called the indigenous people, the people of color or the black race. Now, I’m not one to point fingers nor play the race card because this really isn’t about race. It’s about genetics which has far more accuracy and facts to what humans truly are and this goes way beyond race. Without Melanin or the Great Mother, nothing would exist, including US. So, as I did my research on this divine particle called Melanin, I ran into an entity called the Great Mother.

Who is the Great Mother? What is her origin? How is she related to both you and I? Well, for starters, the Great Mother IS, WAS AND ALWAYS SHALL BE! She has many names: Isis, Sophia, Rhea, Shakti, Kali, Yemeya, the Black Madonna and so many more. She has existed before time and she is BEYOND the veil of heaven and the veil of death. She originates from the waters of Nun, the primordial black sea. She IS the feminine principle and energy that resides within man and mankind. EVERYTHING is from her and everything will return to her. She is the Divine Mother and the deity in which earlier civilizations and the first inhabitants praise. She is the hippo goddess of pre-dynastic Egypt that gave birth to the oldest and first God in existence: Sut, Sutekh or Set. She is the triple blackness of space. She is the Triple Goddess: Virgin, Maiden and Crone. She IS the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost that many religious people classify or deem her to be but above all, she is wisdom. So, why is she important? Why has modern society deemed her as a ghost or a spook? Is it because we now live in a patriarchal society? Why has information about her has been and still is being suppressed? Surely, one with reason and logic knows that if we can correspond with an earthly father and divine Father then one must consider the correlation between an earthly mother and a divine Mother. The very FACT that humanity has either turned their back or simple don’t know about the divine Mother has generated turmoil, war and restless spirits externally and internally. The very FACT that we have forgotten that is was her who endowed us with her essence (MELANIN) and arranged for us to always find our way back to her. She has survived the brutality of being misunderstood and she has survived through the prototype of herself, which are women and little girls. She has forever been voicing her concerns and warnings against repressing her. Now that the institutions (Religious Organizations) that has nailed down her wisdom and refusal of acknowledgement are under siege because of such questions towards the origins of their texts and the domination over women. By now, I know you’re wondering, what does Melanin and the Great Mother have in common? The Great Mother resides in the  Chaos realm and Melanin, as I mentioned above, IS CHAOS. They both are immortal and they both are supreme, for it was her that gave Melanin to the first inhabitants for the chance to save their souls and by doing so, gave birth to the stories of the fallen angels and the battle between the gods of the Olympic and the Titans.

In my next blog post, I will discuss the fallen angels, the Titans, the angel we all know as Lucifer and Prometheus the Titan. Is he really the bad guy or was it the bad guy who he went to war with. Until next time, Ase!!!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about truth and fiction. First off, what is truth and what is fiction. Truth is a statement(s) that can be proven scientifically or be proven by faith and/or beliefs. Fiction is a form of statements or even a book that shares stories of things such as fairies, dragons, magical creatures and magical lands. But as you begin your journey into the realm of consciousness, one begin to realize that the line between truth and fiction is very thin. The very same stories that we read as fiction has turned out to have more truth than the stories that are deemed nonfiction. Why is this so? Why has our modern society turn their backs on fiction (once true) stories and concentrate more on nonfiction stories? Why hide the fact that, indeed, our world, our lives and our origins are simply magical. We have been taught since birth to pray and believe in a higher power or entity that has created us and will have mercy on us in our next lifetime. We’ve also be taught that everything we need should be brought about in a form of prayer and we should be humble, obedient and meek. Well, I’m here to inform any and everyone who has ears to hear that this is NOT true! In the beginning when WE populated this planet, we knew who we were, where we came from and where we shall return. We DID NOT worship, pray or bow down to ANYTHING OR ANYONE outside of ourselves. Modern society would like for the masses to believe this falsified information but it isn’t true. During ancient times, the ancients (US) did not worship many Gods and Goddesses. We simply expressed the many attributes of the one TRUE deity in many different forms, thus we see many different pantheons of deities throughout many cultures worldwide. We knew that the God you seeked resides within oneself. We KNEW this God was you! We lived in a world full of magical and mystical creatures such as fairies, dragons, genies, unicorns, dwarfs, elves, giants and gods. During ancient times, THIS was NO MYSTERY!!! So, what happened during are time on earth, when this great truth became lost? Why is it that now, in the year 2016, that many people, worldwide, are starting to remember these great truths? Well, stay tuned for my next blog post because there are two answers for these questions and it resides in the understanding and overstanding of: MELANIN && THE GREAT MOTHER. THIS is where the story of truth and fiction become one. Until next time, Ase!!!

This is an age old question that has plagued the minds of many generations, past and present. Many people are born into various forms of religious thoughts and organizations, never to question their validity. Why is this such? Is it because of tradition? Isn’t it taught that we all have our own minds and should strive for individuality? And if so, why is it that we , as human beings, still adopt and absorb thoughts and ideas that are not originally our own? This is were consciousness steps in. It is the state of being aware of not just your earthly surroundings but also aware of what’s happening BEYOND your physical existence. As a young child, I did not question who God was or is. I did not question if Jesus was real or not. I didn’t even question why is it that my race of people have suffered at the hands at another race for so long. Well, I did not question such things until I was around the age of 5 or 6. You see, I have always been a curious child. I always wanted to know the answers to questions that all others did not want to question or dare question. I began to ask “why am I here?” “What is the reason for this thing called life?”. Many strange occurances happened to me as a child. I saw, heard and thought things that many of my family members either had no answers to or just didn’t understand. When I became an adult, my life spiraled into many different directions that forced me to requestioned those same questions I pondered as a child. I decided to research such questions and THERE, in the realm of the unknown, did I begin to find answers. These answers led me to study and research ancient knowledge and I began to understand and over stand my purpose in life, those “strange occurances” as a child and so much more. I began to see humanity and life for what it truly is and I began to understand the plight of people of color.  We, people of color, are the originators of knowledge, truth, justice and understanding. The term consciousness is indeed US and we have been deceived for a very long time of this absolute truth. And now, I’m on a journey to expose not only my people but other races to this very truth by critiquing many books, articles and personal stories that will expose this truth. Consciousness is the ONLY thing next to LOVE that is real in this life. Consciousness will set you free.

Quote of the day: TRUTH is stranger than FICTION

The Journey of Knowledge of Self

Who are we and where did we come from??? This is a MAJOR question that has been on my mind ever since I was a little girl. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in middle school and I was walking back to my class. As I walked, a thought crossed my mind. I began to think out loud because someone stopped me and asked “Keba. What do you mean who am I??” I stood there for a few seconds then I replied  ” That’s a good question because I really don’t know.” Now, as I reflect back over my life, I realize that’s not the only time I asked myself this question. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading my post, you have asked yourself this very same question. You see, I’ve ALWAYS been a thinker. Sometimes, I tend to over think. I believe the reason for this can be based solely on I was very much intrigued with life itself. How we got here, why are we here and where are we going. Now, I must be honest. I was raised in the church (my father is actually a minister) and one would think I should know the answers to these questions BUT it just didn’t seem like it was the complete answer. Now that I’m an adult, I will tell you how I came into all this knowledge of self. My story actually begins in the church. I was sitting there listening to my father reading and quoting scriptures from the bible. When he was done, I continued to read passage he was reading from in full. After reading it, I felt very confused. I keep wondering how is it that I’ve grown up listening to these scriptures and STILL in my early 20s, I DO NOT understand it! It was totally baffling!! So, I posed this question in my head “All I want to do is understand what I’m reading. That’s all.” As I left church that day, I didn’t feel as if I’ll ever get that answer….but I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. Fast forward to the following Sunday, I didn’t attend church. I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I decided to go sit outside and look at YouTube videos. That was kind of new for me because I didn’t really engage myself on YouTube but for some reason, I got on YouTube that day. I decided to search for videos that aimed at African Americans history before we came to America. I found plenty of documentaries on this subject from our presence in Asia, Africa, Europe and even America!! I jotted down notes in one composition notebook full of information from there documentaries and I felt really good because I finally started to see documentation on our history before slavery in the U.S. BUT those videos were just the tip of the iceberg! As I strolled through the list to make sure I didn’t miss one video, I found out I did…and it was the very LAST video on the page. It was entitled “Dreams and the Underworld” featuring Bobby Hemmitt. Now, I was really intrigued because his video was the ONLY video on the thread that featured a speaker of color AND the title of his video just didn’t seem like it would’ve ended up on my search results…but it did. The video was broken up into a little over an hour long and there were 7 videos!! But hey, since I’m an avid researcher and I love learning new information, I watched all 7 videos. This is what, how they would say it, BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK!!! ALL of the information he provided (with sources such as books I may add) were things I NEVER heard of! It changed my thought patterns, my way of comprehension and it absolutely changed my LIFE!!! As I ponder how I came into consciousness, I must say that the spirit world TRULY has always been with me even when I didn’t understand. All it took was for me to “ask and I shall receive.” I realized that even in my state of confusion, I was led into the right direction and during the right time. The very next year, I gave birth to my one and only child and her birth was an extra confirmation that SPIRIT was just wanting on that time I would ask the question and receive an answer…even bestowing on me one of my most desired wishes: a child. Well, that’s enough about me.😊 I will be back tomorrow so we can discuss my first official topic: Which master teacher awakened you?? Until then, Ase!! My fellow sistas and brothas😊😊😊