The Journey of Knowledge of Self

Who are we and where did we come from??? This is a MAJOR question that has been on my mind ever since I was a little girl. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in middle school and I was walking back to my class. As I walked, a thought crossed my mind. I began to think out loud because someone stopped me and asked “Keba. What do you mean who am I??” I stood there for a few seconds then I replied  ” That’s a good question because I really don’t know.” Now, as I reflect back over my life, I realize that’s not the only time I asked myself this question. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading my post, you have asked yourself this very same question. You see, I’ve ALWAYS been a thinker. Sometimes, I tend to over think. I believe the reason for this can be based solely on I was very much intrigued with life itself. How we got here, why are we here and where are we going. Now, I must be honest. I was raised in the church (my father is actually a minister) and one would think I should know the answers to these questions BUT it just didn’t seem like it was the complete answer. Now that I’m an adult, I will tell you how I came into all this knowledge of self. My story actually begins in the church. I was sitting there listening to my father reading and quoting scriptures from the bible. When he was done, I continued to read passage he was reading from in full. After reading it, I felt very confused. I keep wondering how is it that I’ve grown up listening to these scriptures and STILL in my early 20s, I DO NOT understand it! It was totally baffling!! So, I posed this question in my head “All I want to do is understand what I’m reading. That’s all.” As I left church that day, I didn’t feel as if I’ll ever get that answer….but I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. Fast forward to the following Sunday, I didn’t attend church. I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I decided to go sit outside and look at YouTube videos. That was kind of new for me because I didn’t really engage myself on YouTube but for some reason, I got on YouTube that day. I decided to search for videos that aimed at African Americans history before we came to America. I found plenty of documentaries on this subject from our presence in Asia, Africa, Europe and even America!! I jotted down notes in one composition notebook full of information from there documentaries and I felt really good because I finally started to see documentation on our history before slavery in the U.S. BUT those videos were just the tip of the iceberg! As I strolled through the list to make sure I didn’t miss one video, I found out I did…and it was the very LAST video on the page. It was entitled “Dreams and the Underworld” featuring Bobby Hemmitt. Now, I was really intrigued because his video was the ONLY video on the thread that featured a speaker of color AND the title of his video just didn’t seem like it would’ve ended up on my search results…but it did. The video was broken up into a little over an hour long and there were 7 videos!! But hey, since I’m an avid researcher and I love learning new information, I watched all 7 videos. This is what, how they would say it, BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK!!! ALL of the information he provided (with sources such as books I may add) were things I NEVER heard of! It changed my thought patterns, my way of comprehension and it absolutely changed my LIFE!!! As I ponder how I came into consciousness, I must say that the spirit world TRULY has always been with me even when I didn’t understand. All it took was for me to “ask and I shall receive.” I realized that even in my state of confusion, I was led into the right direction and during the right time. The very next year, I gave birth to my one and only child and her birth was an extra confirmation that SPIRIT was just wanting on that time I would ask the question and receive an answer…even bestowing on me one of my most desired wishes: a child. Well, that’s enough about me.😊 I will be back tomorrow so we can discuss my first official topic: Which master teacher awakened you?? Until then, Ase!! My fellow sistas and brothas😊😊😊

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