I’ve often pondered this question. Simply because of the fact that many people told me who he or she were. You never had the choice to discover if this “so called”fact was indeed a fact but according to my research (which by the way, I’m an hellva researcher), I found both the truth and the lie.

So….who’s the bad guy? Some say it’s this red man with horns, a tail and he’s waiting until you die to steal your soul. And of course, others believe that the bad guy was bad girl Eve, the “first” woman and wife to Adam, all because she bit from an apple that was forbidden by God. Now, we all know that good and evil both exists BUT  what if this perception of good and evil does not lie within outside forces? What if there is no GOD or DEVIL? But what if they do exist and MAN is, in actuality, this GOD and this DEVIL!?….and what if (being that this topic is an double-edge sword) there IS a source of this EVIL…this BAD GUY…..Don’t believe me, bear with me and continue to read on.

If one chooses to search for these answers honestly, then one would happen upon the Gnostic Texts. Before. I tell you who the bad guy really is, I must inform my readers that I am NOT apart of ANY religious organization BUT I did grow up being apart of one. After coming into the ancient wisdom, teachings and mysteries over the past three years ago, it has been my MISSION to expose the lies and tell the truth!

So! The Gnostic scriptures are pre-christian texts that were heavily into exposing the truth. It exposes the truth about man’s TRUE ORIGIN, the mysteries of life and death AND it exposes the bad guy. The bad guy in Gnostic texts was called the demiurge and he was and still IS the bad guy! The demiurge called Yaldolaboth is an evil deity who sits and rules over humanity. Let me make this CRYSTAL CLEAR: The demiurge is NOT nor has he EVER been LUCIFER, SATAN NOR THE INFAMOUS BAPHOMET! In fact, Lucifer, Satan AND Baphomet are the same entities who are FOREVER trying to inform humanity about this GREAT deceit! The demiurge does NOT LOVE humans and he DOES NOT care about your life EXCEPT if you BOW and PRAY to him!

By now, I know you’re wondering: “But that’s GOD up there! We’re suppose to do that!” But the truth is that GOD is ONLY the God of the living and NOT the dead so for a God who “claims” he “loves you” and not care about you when you’re dead!?!?….is NO God of mines..and he shouldn’t be tour either.


This Evil God’s deeds into the rape, murder, torture, injustice and lack of compassion is prevalent ALL throughout the one book the whole world takes without any debates: the bible. Truth of the matter is, however, this evil god acted upon such a diabolical plan and robbed a WHOLE ENTIRE RACE of their birthright! All of this information can be found in an excellent book called “The Gnostic Scriptures” by Bentley Layton. This book breaks down “the bad guy” in such detail that it will have digging up more information about the “devil”.


Like I did….and I have read, study, critiqued and came to a full understanding of the evil being everyone calls the devil. So, in my next post, I will be comparing the many similarities between Man and the Devil. In there, you will see that we’re one in the same AND everyone needs to hear his story….and HER story too!!! Until next time, Ase!!!!!😊



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