Man=God and God=Man

NOTE: MAN is referred to both male and female in this post.

This concept has been drastically misunderstood. Why is that? Have people completely given up on the notion of “think for oneself?” Why does it feel like most of world is stuck into a paradigm of having others dictate their every move, every thought? Have we always thought in such a manner or does it feel like there’s some missing pieces to the puzzle? All of these questions can be answered when we begin to reflect on this very critical question: Is Man a God or is God a Man?


Let’s go back into the ancient times of our world. We’ve all heard stories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Babylon, Egypt, India…of being the foundations of what Man has deemed God to be. For example, in Egypt, you have the Neters as a group of Gods and Goddesses who makes up the Supreme Deity. According to the modern mind of Man, Ancient Egypt has always been referred to as a civilization who worshipped many Gods. If you take into consideration of the thousands of mythologies all around the world, one would think these stories are just make believe….or are these stories layers of what Man was born with… and is waiting for the day Man realize who he really is!


But what if I told you that ALL Ancient Civilizations worshipped ONE deity and this deity they knew was in reference to themselves!

What if I told you that GOD is NOT and WAS NOT labeled as a male deity. In fact, GOD is BOTH male AND female! How is this so? If you haven’t done so already, go back and read my previous blog post on the Great Mother. 


You see, the world is so use to accepting what they have been taught or trained to believe. Most people do not even stop and think nor do they ask questions about the things been taught. So, if one begin to question if Man is God or God is Man, many will condemn you straight to hell..right away! But this concept is very prevalent in the ancient world.


Man was, and still is, the keeper of knowledge. Man has been here for millions of years despite what is been taught in school or religionEven science has begun to catch on to this well known fact that, for many years, people thought was totally absurd!


Truth is, MAN is the very entity that came up with the concept of GOD. Also, Man has all the characteristics of God yet most do not even realize it. Man is so preoccupied with the mundane things of life that we hang on to the notion of waiting on a deity outside of ourselves to forgive us for our sins. We rather have someone die for us or save us without us trying to save ourselves!


Such ways of thinking was non-existent in the ancient world because the ancient people KNEW three things:

1.The kingdom is WITHIN! There’s NO ONE sitting up in the sky that is coming back to save US. We MUST save OURSELVES!

2.As Above, So Below: EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that you SEE on the outside, we are manifesting from within! That includes the stars and the universe.

3.KNOW THYSELF! : Once man begin to truly look within and learn everything about SELF, then Man will become filled with wisdom, knowledge & & understanding and will truly find the God or Savior they so desperately seek.


So, seeking the WHOLE truth and become fully aware of why you’re truly here, then you will begin to see that Man IS God and God is Man for GOD is MAN here on earth having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE! Have you noticed the recent change in people’s thoughts about religion? Do you see that Man is on the journey to realign himself with his spiritual self?


In my next post, I will be discussing spirituality, religion and one’s Higher and Lower Nature. Because Man is not only GOD but Man is also the DEVIL. I also will be discussing why Man really turned his back on the Devil in the first place and how the Devil, although portrayed as a Man, indeed, is portrayed as the WOMAN, during the modern times of our patriarchal society.


Until next time!!



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