Most people are taught that spirituality and religion are one in the same. True, you can trace one’s religion back to a spiritual source BUT they are NOT the same. I know you’re probably saying “Oh great. An Atheist😒” or “She must have never been in church before😒”. Well, to answer the questions above: No, I’m not an atheist and yes, I was raised in the church. But I am what someone would call awaken. Better yet, I will say my consciousness has awakened!

So, why am I’m claiming spirituality and religion as two separate things. Well, first off,many believe religion stems from the latin word “religion” BUT it actually stems from the Latin word “religare”, which means “to tie, to bind”. Spirituality means the study of the spirit or in my definitive terms- the study of self. So, im retrospect, religion means to tie or bind THE SPIRIT. See the difference? Why would a so-called spiritual system wants to tie or bind anyone???

Modern society and religious organizations has put forth tremendous efforts to keep religion above spirituality. Heck, they’ve even separated spirituality from science (which will be another blog post later on:)). But let’s get back to spirituality and religion. Religion’s big gamers (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) was NEVER put together to serve as a salvation tool for people’s souls. They have ALWAYS been used for CONTROL and POWER over the masses of people. Think about all the horrors that were backed by “religion”: Slavery, Crusades, Tactical Rebellions, Wars, etc. Think about all the people who lost their lives in the name of a religion who’s leaders looked upon it’s followers as cattle being led to slaughter. These are facts all throughout modern history that most seem to either turn a blind eye to or simply make it non-existence in their lives. We all have been looking for a Savior to come back and save us from ourselves. But what if the lesson of life is all about us saving OURSELVES.

Save ourselves? How can this be? How is that even possible? Well, the study of spirituality answers these perplexing questions. Spirituality is the study of self and it’s hell bent on teaching oneself this golden rule: KNOW THYSELF!!

Who is Thyself? Is it in reference to God, the Supreme Deity, the Creator or just…Ourselves? Why should any and everyone turn and throw away EVERYTHING they’ve been taught about spirituality? Most believe they are and will always been spiritual but if one studies the nature of Thyself, you will discover, you never knew ANYTHING about YOURSELF! And if you did think so, you’ll understand that EVERYTHING was and is a LIE!…that is, the things you’ve been taught! So, how does one recognize such truths? Does anyone know that we all are equipped with a Higher and Lower nature and exactly what does it represents?

One’s Higher nature, according to spirituality, is your GOD SELF. It’s that voice that ALWAYS speaks to you and most times you ignore. It’s your psychic abilities or your intuition. It’s the keeper of all your secrets, hopes, dreams and desires. It KNOWS it’s purpose and in my opinion, it’s your very SOUL. One’s Lower nature would be the DEVIL in you that appeals to your animalistic ways. It is the self that is filled with anger, hatred, greed, selfishness, ignorance, lust and many more low moral ways. BUT it is there to keep your mind and life in teach you valuable lessons.

But let’s take this a step further: Say we all come to the conclusion that we are, indeed, spiritual in our origins? That we as human beings are NOT mere human beings! As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, the Creator God of this world is an EVIL deity and the “Savior” that we all have been taught to call “God” is actually our “Slave Master”. And the one being who has been constantly trying to enlighten us with this truth is the one who they call the “Devil”.

So now the question becomes: who are we and where did we come from? Another question that is been heavily exposed is who were the first type of people here and how long have we really been here on earth?

In my next blog post, I will be discussing four things: The Titans, The Necronomicon, Primordial Beings and the Indigenous people of the Earth.

Until next time, Ase!!!

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