Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about truth and fiction. First off, what is truth and what is fiction. Truth is a statement(s) that can be proven scientifically or be proven by faith and/or beliefs. Fiction is a form of statements or even a book that shares stories of things such as fairies, dragons, magical creatures and magical lands. But as you begin your journey into the realm of consciousness, one begin to realize that the line between truth and fiction is very thin. The very same stories that we read as fiction has turned out to have more truth than the stories that are deemed nonfiction. Why is this so? Why has our modern society turn their backs on fiction (once true) stories and concentrate more on nonfiction stories? Why hide the fact that, indeed, our world, our lives and our origins are simply magical. We have been taught since birth to pray and believe in a higher power or entity that has created us and will have mercy on us in our next lifetime. We’ve also be taught that everything we need should be brought about in a form of prayer and we should be humble, obedient and meek. Well, I’m here to inform any and everyone who has ears to hear that this is NOT true! In the beginning when WE populated this planet, we knew who we were, where we came from and where we shall return. We DID NOT worship, pray or bow down to ANYTHING OR ANYONE outside of ourselves. Modern society would like for the masses to believe this falsified information but it isn’t true. During ancient times, the ancients (US) did not worship many Gods and Goddesses. We simply expressed the many attributes of the one TRUE deity in many different forms, thus we see many different pantheons of deities throughout many cultures worldwide. We knew that the God you seeked resides within oneself. We KNEW this God was you! We lived in a world full of magical and mystical creatures such as fairies, dragons, genies, unicorns, dwarfs, elves, giants and gods. During ancient times, THIS was NO MYSTERY!!! So, what happened during are time on earth, when this great truth became lost? Why is it that now, in the year 2016, that many people, worldwide, are starting to remember these great truths? Well, stay tuned for my next blog post because there are two answers for these questions and it resides in the understanding and overstanding of: MELANIN && THE GREAT MOTHER. THIS is where the story of truth and fiction become one. Until next time, Ase!!!

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