This is an age old question that has plagued the minds of many generations, past and present. Many people are born into various forms of religious thoughts and organizations, never to question their validity. Why is this such? Is it because of tradition? Isn’t it taught that we all have our own minds and should strive for individuality? And if so, why is it that we , as human beings, still adopt and absorb thoughts and ideas that are not originally our own? This is were consciousness steps in. It is the state of being aware of not just your earthly surroundings but also aware of what’s happening BEYOND your physical existence. As a young child, I did not question who God was or is. I did not question if Jesus was real or not. I didn’t even question why is it that my race of people have suffered at the hands at another race for so long. Well, I did not question such things until I was around the age of 5 or 6. You see, I have always been a curious child. I always wanted to know the answers to questions that all others did not want to question or dare question. I began to ask “why am I here?” “What is the reason for this thing called life?”. Many strange occurances happened to me as a child. I saw, heard and thought things that many of my family members either had no answers to or just didn’t understand. When I became an adult, my life spiraled into many different directions that forced me to requestioned those same questions I pondered as a child. I decided to research such questions and THERE, in the realm of the unknown, did I begin to find answers. These answers led me to study and research ancient knowledge and I began to understand and over stand my purpose in life, those “strange occurances” as a child and so much more. I began to see humanity and life for what it truly is and I began to understand the plight of people of color.  We, people of color, are the originators of knowledge, truth, justice and understanding. The term consciousness is indeed US and we have been deceived for a very long time of this absolute truth. And now, I’m on a journey to expose not only my people but other races to this very truth by critiquing many books, articles and personal stories that will expose this truth. Consciousness is the ONLY thing next to LOVE that is real in this life. Consciousness will set you free.

Quote of the day: TRUTH is stranger than FICTION

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